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Allow me to seal your deal! 

Find a Home

Whether you are looking for a fixer upper,  a starter home or a luxury listing, April prides herself on meeting her clients needs. Starting the process itself is overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. With April, you can get the process started and let her do the rest. She will explain the home buying process step by step, so that you do not feel alone. She will always be readily available to answer all questions and concerns until the deal is done.

Commercial Property

Are you ready to be a landlord, entreprenuer or start a journey of maintaining another stream of income? Well it's time to go commercial. With commercial properties, April will remain fully engaged and invested on finding a property that meets everything on your checklist. Because commercial properties are typically an investment, April will ensure quality, knowledge and loyalty to each and every client. 

List a Home

April's favorite four letter word guessed it, SOLD! April will make sure that from the initial listing appointment until the last signature, YOU, remain her main priority. Listing your home is one thing, but hoping it will sell in a reasonable amount of time is another. April will do her part, day in and day out to make that happen!

Credit Repair

A healthy credit profile is the key to maintaining a healthy financial lifestyle. Credit repair can be stressful, but with April's years of knowledge in financial literacy, she can lead both you and your score on the right path to financial freedom. She has also has a team of other financial specialists that will assist with keeping you on track of meeting your financial goals.


April was very professional from the very first phone call. She walked me through what I needed to do in order to get pre-approved to buying my first home. 

She is very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend her.

Aiden Samuels

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